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Making tables for multinomial models with {modelsummary} and {brms}

tl;dr: Learn how to make some cool and customizable tables for multinomial logit models using {brms} and {modelsummary}. UPDATE: Vincent informed me that the most recent version of {modelsummary} relies entirely on the {parameters} package.

What I learned in my first year as a graduate program director

tl;dr: This post provides a brief overview of some of my biggest takeaways after my first year directing the Security Studies program at Kansas State University. Forging positive working relationships with other rank and file administrators is key, as is institutionalizing lots of the procedures that may have formerly been relegated to post-it notes on a computer monitor.

Military Officers Pursuing PhDs: Are Three Years Enough?

tl;dr: My goal here is to catalog what ended up being a fairly wide ranging (and I think informative) series of tweets from lots of different people on timelines for military students pursuing their PhD in political science or related fields.

What's the Difference?

In the social sciences we talk a lot about groups being different from one another. We might also talk about things like spending on certain programs going up or down over time.

Hurdle lognormal densities, take II

I previously wrote about a project in which I was attempting to figure out how to build a probability density function for a hurdle log-normal model. Ultimately I kind of left this topic hanging because I wasn’t really sure that the solution I had settled on was correct.

On software choice

Thoughts on switching from Stata to R

Hurdle lognormal distribution densities?

As a part of a larger project I’ve been working with BRMS and some models and family functions that are new to me. In particular, my work on troop deployments has made me think more about hurdle models.

Pro Forma Post

Life is hectic and I don’t really have much to add right now, but maybe later I’ll blog about troops stuff, partisanship and multilateralism, my adventures in multilevel modeling or stuff about learning Bayesian stats.